Upcoming 2013 Movie Releases

For movie bugs, the next year will be a great one as many of the popular sequels are actually within the list of upcoming 2013 movie releases. Obviously you will see some other movies also in the same year, however they will not be just as much expected or awaited like the sequels as they have already made a direct impact on the viewers and gathered a big amount of devotees. Since, all sequel movies curently have a brand image and popularity on the list of viewers; they turn out to be a smart investment for the producers and directors who’ve been making profit by making sequels through the years. In this article we’ll be mentioning some of those sequels which are likely to be released in the year 2013.

The primary sequel one of the 2013 movies is the best one named Scary Movie 5. This is the fifth one inside the comedy number of Scary Movie which turned out to be very successful within the past. This is a comic take around the most popular horror movies where people laugh out loud rather than getting scared. It is rumored until this movie will release in theater in January 11, 2013 and also rumored being directed David Zucker. In this movie we are also expecting the typical cast that will or may well not include Anthony Anderson, Regina Hall, Kevin Hart and probably Donna Harrison. However, the cast and concept of this sequel has not been finalized yet. Therefore please don’t get shocked if you realise different things within the Scary Movie 5 in the beginning of 2013. At the moment all we all know relating to this movie is that it will be furnished by The Weinstein Company in January 11, 2013.

Another popular sequel that you could expect you’ll see within the year 2013 will be the Ironman 3. This will probably be the 3rd episode of this popular franchise that is based on the comic hero Iron Man from Marvel comics. ซีรี่ย์ญี่ปุ่น had been a great success due its action packed storyline brimming with emotion, drama and thrills. As usual we will see Robert Downey because the lead character of Tony stark who fight using the evil because Iron Man in the movie. Along with him we also anticipate to see Don Cheadle with this movie. This movie will likely be written by Walt Disney in May 3, 2013 and will probably be directed by Shane Black as we hope since he’s held it’s place in talk while using producers. In addition to these two popular sequels, there are also a couple of other awaited movie sequels that will hit the theatre in 2013. We have arrive at know that Thor 2, Grown Ups 2, Red 2, Percy Jackson: Sea of Monster, Bad Santa 2 and the Smurfs 2 will even release inside same year. Although most of them aren’t finalized yet and we are finding some rumor about them, still were optimistic about some very nice sequels in 2013. This is why individuals are most eagerly looking forward to these upcoming 2013 movie releases for a long while.

Author: Animeday

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